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Creating things and ideas in collaboration
with others,Innovate the medical field.

By understanding the issues of the people and mechanisms(health system) that make up the medical field, and having research and technological development, as well as understanding of materials and human beings, we can understand other fields while making the most of individual specialties, and in society. By collaborating with others to create things and ideas that will be used, we will develop human resources who can contribute to solving problems and support the foundation of innovation.




The Graduate School of Integrated Health Systems has a unique organization of 1 graduate school, 1 major, and 1 course, and people with diverse fields of education and research belong to it.
Focusing on the "people" of the graduate school, such as faculty members,students, and international students, videos of the four Sections of "Medical Bioengineering Section", "Medical Devices and Materials Engineering Section", "Healthcare Science Section", and "Human Care Innovation Section" I will introduce it in.


with international students of this graduate school